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Therapy Works!

Our therapists are trained in a variety of treatment models and will design your program according to your individual needs. Our therapists are skilled in helping you reduce your symptoms and moving you toward long-term success.  We follow both traditional and innovative holistic approaches that assist you in finding healing from your trauma.


To do so, we conduct an initial assessment to get a better idea of how to help you. After the assessment is completed, the therapist determines whether you should participate in individual, group, or experiential therapy. In some cases, more than one form of therapy is recommended.

Therapeutic Treatment Approaches

Bottom-up or top-down approaches? Which is best, or does it matter when it comes to complex trauma? 

1. Bottom-up techniques work through the body to change the brain, especially the lower, subcortical areas of the brain outside of conscious awareness and conscious control. For instance, bottom-up techniques can be utilized to de-activate the amygdala (fear center) or to strengthen and regulate the insula (site of interoception).


Techniques include:


  • breathing exercises

  • body awareness

  • progressive muscle relaxation

  • expressive therapies such as art, music, and drama

2. Top-down techniques engage the mind to change the brain. In other words, the brain, especially the higher cortical areas, can be altered with positive thoughts.

Techniques include:


  • cognitive behavior therapy that is trauma-focused (talk therapy)

  • acceptance & commitment therapy

  • meditations


Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis typically takes about 90 minutes and helps the therapist develop a plan designed just for you.  The clinician will determine the best techniques for the survivor to be successful and decide if individual, group, experiential or a combination of treatment services will be best.

To schedule an Assessment please click this link to send an email. 

Payment for Services

For clinical services, we only accept payment through CashApp. This is a free app you can download on your phone and there are no service fees. Fees need to be paid before your session.

​Our highest priority is ensuring that every survivor of complex trauma has access to the therapy and other social supports they need to heal.


In order to remain financially sustainable so that we can continue to meet our mission, we do three things:


  • We offer a sliding scale fee-for-services for those who qualify by filling out a scholarship form and submitting financial documents. Limited slots are available. 


  • We receive support from generous individuals in our communities, corporations, churches, and foundations.


  • When you pay the full fee, a portion of your payment goes to provide scholarships and other services (clothing, food, transportation, lodging, etc.) for survivors of complex trauma who cannot afford them. 


 Every one of these approaches is essential and enables us to offer care to as many individuals as possible. 

DC, MD, VA Therapists & COVID

Currently, we offer virtual, individual telehealth sessions in DC, MD, and VA. Since therapists can only see clients in the state in which they are licensed, where you live determines who your therapist will be.


We are unable to offer group sessions at this time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.