Image by Dimitar Belchev

Art Transforming Trauma

Image by Daniel Watson

Complex trauma causes the mid-brain region (fear center) to be over-activated and unable to respond to words. The "language" of the mid-brain is visual art, drama, movement, and music. These are the modalities that we use to help the survivor start to integrate their brains and bodies back together again so healing can begin.

Art Transforming Trauma is a 90-minute weekly group for individuals whose complex trauma has made it difficult to speak their feelings in a positive, supportive environment. Artistic talent is not the key to these sessions, but rather, the simple ability to express without spoken words.


Starting with the mid-brain, we link it upward to the pre-frontal cortex, and then to the right and left hemispheres. 

This group is offered in four-session segments at $60/segment, payable at $240.00 per segment. We accept Amerihealth, a type of Medicaid insurance for the District of Columbia. 

We provide receipts for those with other forms of insurance so that you are able to submit the receipt for reimbursement.