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Artist Drawing Landscape

Art Transforming Trauma
Check Back in August, 2024 for New Dates & Times

Image by Pier Monzon
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Please use Venmo to make your payment, so that we do not have to pay extra fees. Also, our bank does not accept Zelle, so please do not contact us to request Zelle payment processing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Often those who have experienced complex trauma, such as military, PTSD, domestic violence, trafficking, bullying, etc., don’t respond to traditional therapy alone because they are stuck in the flight/fight part of the brain.  When the fear center of the mid-brain is activated it is difficult, if not impossible, to respond with words. The "language" of the mid-brain is visual art, drama, movement, and music. These are the modalities that we use to help survivors heal on a deeper level.

Art Transforming Trauma is a 90-minute weekly group for individuals whose complex trauma has made it difficult to speak their feelings in a positive, supportive environment. Artistic talent is not the key to these sessions, but rather, the simple ability to express without spoken words.


We use expressive therapies to connect other parts of the brain to improve the trauma survivor's ability to process their recovery. From a clinical perspective, we start with the mid-brain, and link it to the pre-frontal cortex, and then to the right and left hemispheres.

We accept AmeriHealth, a type of DC Medicaid. If you have another type of insurance we will give you a receipt that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Location:      Capitol Turn Around

                      770 M St. SE, Washington, DC


Dates:             To Be Determined

Time:             To Be Determined

Cost:              $780.00 (or $65/session) Paid in 1 or 2 installments

Age:               18+

Participants:  8 Maximum participants
Free off-street parking is available at this location.     

Because Words are Not Enough

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