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JoLeah Gorman, LMSW

Meet JoLeah, social worker, herbalist, and mom. She has made a short video on using herbs during pregnancy and with infants and small children.

Eden is the name of our economic empowerment program (EEP) for survivors of sexual trauma/trafficking. Eden's focus is teaching/supporting trauma survivors in the making of hand-crafted home, bath & body products made from the highest quality of herbs and other natural ingredients.

Eden is not just about training survivors how to make hand-crafted herbal products but about creating a safe place for the survivors to heal. Teaching survivors skills are what most EEPs are about. However, at R1:99, learning the skill is secondary with our primary focus on helping them build their healthy community, building resiliency, understanding workplace relationships, and thriving in their new life.

The majority of our survivors experienced a number of seemingly insurmountable barriers to employment, such as the lack of a high school diploma/GED, no legal work experience, lack of understanding about workplace relationships, and legal charges that can take years to clear up.

In June of 2020, we launched Eden as a pilot program, to test the market to see if the community would support our endeavors. We are overjoyed with the love that has been shown to us.

The goal is to offer two cohorts a year of 15 survivors each to discover the wonderful wide world of herbalism and all it has to offer. 


If you believe in our mission and would like to learn how to engage with us or would like to make a sustainable donation for survivors of complex trauma, please contact us at We can’t wait to have you join our team.

Building community + clinical counseling + life skills + spirituality = wholeness. 

There are products for men, women (including new mothers), children and babies. We hope you will check out our products and support survivors on their journey into wholeness.
Regarding our online store, your order is made fresh as soon as you place it. This ensures freshness and longer shelf life for you. We welcome special orders and if you are having trouble finding that special product, let us know. We will try to craft it for you. Many of our products are purchased as gifts—bridal party, baby showers, birthdays, celebrations, and holidays. Happy shopping.
Your purchase of our products provides clinical counseling, clothing, food, transportation, and so much more to survivors in need.
When we incorporate the use of herbs into our lives, we open up a whole new stratum of experiences that include working with and enjoying familiar scents and learning to appreciate new ones.

If you would like to learn how you can engage in this amazing opportunity, or have a home party, please click here.

Quantities are Limited! However, you can special order any product!

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