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Survivor Endorsements

Jessica - Mother of a 14 year old

Candace worked with my son for eight months, introducing him to DBT during his transition to high school.  During this time, we all saw a lot of growth in him which we attributed, in good part, to his time with Candace and working on the DBT lessons at home.  Candace was always a pleasure to interact with and flexible when we had to make other arrangements as a busy family.  After each session, my son always wanted to share what he learned.  I would strongly encourage parents with children who aren't quite adults and need a therapeutic problem-solving structure for their lives to consider working with Candace.  She has been very helpful for my son and our family.

L. P. - Survivor of Adult Sexual Trauma

R199 has helped me a lot in a just a few months. Candace has taught me DBT skills to smooth out my emotions and be more aware of resources available in my support net and also inside me. The art project for each session helps me express thoughts and emotions that I have a hard time putting into words. I love that she accesses my creative side as a counterpoint to my more intellectual talk therapy. But what I love most is that she will pray for me and with me. 

DBT-Informed Art Therapy Client

"You have truly helped me to be able to make the distress skills we’ve covered tangible and come alive in a way I’ve never seen before and for this I am exceeding grateful.

Name Withheld - CSA Survivor

Last spring, I joined a small group called, "Shelter from the Storm." I can easily describe it as the hardest and most painful thing I have ever done. And without question or hesitation the most redeeming, life-changing thing I've ever gone through - second only to praying to receive Jesus as my savior. 

Name Withheld - CSA Survivor

"R1:99 helped me see the truth behind my abuse and gave me tools to untangle myself from the ugly lies I believed about myself stemming from the abuse.  Its Christ-centered recovery process and materials gave me hope for full healing and for my future.

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