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What is Complex Trauma?

Seen. Heard. Treasured.

Our specialty is helping survivors of complex trauma whether it is sexual, military, domestic violence, or bullying. Because we know that trauma lodges itself somewhere in the body, R1:99 offers sensorimotor and expressive therapies such as art, music, drama, and movement in addition to psychotherapy.

We have therapists in DC & MD (hopefully soon in VA) ready to walk alongside you on your journey to wholeness from complex trauma. Our therapists are trained in a variety of modalities such as EMDR, DBT, sensorimotor, and expressive therapies that will give you the tools to reintegrate your brain so that you can experience life to its fullest.

For people who have been inflicted with traumatic physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain, the ultimate challenge is to help you find meaning or value from your complex trauma. We believe we are treading on holy ground - a very sacred place. It is a privilege to walk alongside you on your journey to wholeness.

Adult Ballet Class
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Complex Trauma Affects 60% of the male and 50% of the female population in the US!


Have you or someone that you know experienced complex trauma in their lives? It is very likely that you have. 

​Complex trauma (more than one traumatic event) can include things like:

  • chronic sexual, psychological, and physical abuse or neglect,

  • chronic intimate partner violence,

  • victims of prolonged workplace or school bullying,

  • victims of kidnapping and hostage situations,

  • indentured servants, victims of slavery and human sex trafficking,

  • sweatshop workers,

  • prisoners of war,

  • concentration camp survivors,

  • residential school survivors,

  • prisoners kept in solitary confinement for a long period of time,

  • and defectors from authoritarian religions ​

Healing from complex trauma (no matter what the events were) is s-l-o-w and expensive. Our therapists and teaching artists are trained in cutting-edge trauma treatment modalities to help survivors heal as quickly as possible. R1:99 offers therapy on a sliding fee scale for those who qualify. A % of the full-scale fees go to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay.

​Will you help? 

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