Complex Trauma

Complex Trauma Affects 60% of the male and 50% of the female population in the US!


Have you or someone that you know experienced complex trauma in their lives? It is very likely that you have. 

​Complex trauma (more than one traumatic event) can include things like:

  • chronic sexual, psychological, and physical abuse or neglect,

  • chronic intimate partner violence,

  • victims of prolonged workplace or school bullying,

  • victims of kidnapping and hostage situations,

  • indentured servants, victims of slavery and human sex trafficking,

  • sweatshop workers,

  • prisoners of war,

  • concentration camp survivors,

  • residential school survivors,

  • prisoners kept in solitary confinement for a long period of time,

  • and defectors from authoritarian religions ​

Healing from complex trauma (no matter what the events were) is s-l-o-w and expensive. Our therapists and teaching artists are trained in the cutting edge trauma treatment modalities to help survivors heal as quickly as possible. R1:99 offers therapy on a sliding scale fee for those who qualify, with a % of the fee going to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford to pay.

​Will you help?