Who We Are?

RestorationOne Ninety Nine has three main areas of focus:
1) Clinical Counseling
2) Economic Empowerment
3) Advocacy

We are licensed mental health providers and expressive artists, trained in a variety of treatment modalities, addressing the various levels of sexual trauma for adults and adolescents. 

For people who have been inflicted with traumatic physical, emotional and/or spiritual pain, the ultimate challenge is to help the survivor find meaning or value from the trauma. We believe we are treading on holy ground - a very sacred place -  a human being whose heart and soul has been ripped apart. The road to recovery is often long and frequently unpleasant. There are no quick and easy answers in the healing process. It is a privilege and an honor to walk alongside you on your journey to wholeness.

Who We Serve?

 Most of our work has been with DC inner city adolescents who are court involved. They can be, but are not limited to, youth who have been incarcerated, are in foster care, have been hospitalized for mental illness, or who are self-harming including suicide attempts. R 1:99  has been providing weekly programming in various facilities such as detention centers, psychiatric hospitals, and community centers since 2003 and helps the staff ferret out those who have been sexually exploited.  It is the consistency that breaks down the barriers of resistance.  

Since 2015 our efforts have allowed us to offer clinical services to anyone in the community who is desiring healing from sexual trauma. We provide clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for individuals, groups, and families.