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Hello, I'm Candace,

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The Restoration Story

Dear Friends,
Welcome to Restoration One Ninety-Nine (R1:99). Whether you are reading this letter as an advocate who wants to be part of the solution to end sex trafficking, or as a survivor who wants healing from the hurt and trauma that you have suffered, it is my hope that you will find what you are seeking here at R1:99.

Restoration Ministries, (R1:99), was founded in 2003 in Washington, DC, offering a weekly Bible study to survivors in a court-ordered program for women who had been arrested for solicitation. Over the next 12 years, we provided weekly programs in youth detention centers, psychiatric hospitals, group homes, community centers, and conducted outreach efforts on the streets, building trusting relationships with the survivors so they could feel safe enough to start the healing process.

Our early journey with survivors of sexual exploitation revealed that most struggled with overwhelming emotions that affected every aspect of their lives; from relationships, maintaining employment, to finding safe housing, just to name a few. Consequently, in 2011 we started to make the shift from a lay ministry to providing clinical counseling in order to better serve our survivors. Ultimately, that led to a change in our name, mission, and vision in 2015. We became Restoration 1:99, Inc. You can see our Misson and Vision statements on our Home page.

Today, if you are a survivor of sexual trauma, we want you to know that we will care for your entire being—physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We would like to help you using clinically sound therapies so that we can identify together, how best to not only reduce your suffering but help you live the life you deserve. To be able to love, to bond, to excel, and if you choose, to find the desire to serve others. During what can be a frightening and overwhelming journey, please know that you are not alone—our team at R1:99 will be with you every step of the way. The hope I leave with you is that your psychological scars of trauma are, indeed reversible, and you can live a more peaceful life.

If you are interested in advocacy, you can partner with R1:99 in several ways, including participating in our  Church Engagement Program, prayer, writing notes of encouragement, financially sponsoring counseling for survivors, or stewardship.

For both advocates and survivors, R1:99 strongly believes that the role of R1:99 is to walk alongside those who are hurting in a non-judgmental way. We follow the teachings of our Lord but do not force anyone to become a Christian.  We are called to be vessels of love so that the Lord can bring healing and restoration to those who are suffering. It is my hope that as we respectfully work with survivors they will be drawn to the love, compassion, and tender healing touch of Jesus Christ, but please know that we serve all who come to us.

Candace L. Wheeler, LPC, CDBT, NCC
Founder and Executive Director

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