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Support Group Session

Affirming Ourselves & Each Other

We all struggle with boundaries, some harder than others. It is important we are aware of the lack of boundaries that can affect us in a negative way and at the same time learn how to create and maintain healthy trauma informed boundaries.

o    Psychoeducational
o    Expressive movement
o    Journaling
o    Verbal processing

In this workshop you will learn:
•    To pay attention to your internal awareness when trauma                 informed boundaries are crossed
•    How trauma informed boundaries have a direct effect on your         spiritual and mental health
•    11 trauma informed boundary phrases to use at work
•    How to embrace trauma informed boundaries, not fear them

9:45 AM -10:00 AM        Meet & Greet
10 AM -10:40 AM           Psychoeducational presentation on                                                    Trauma Informed Boundaries @ Work       

                                        Candace Wheeler, LPC, CDBT, NCC
10:40 AM -11:00 AM      Break
11:00 AM -12:20 PM      Trauma Informed Boundaries Workshop 

                                        Megan Caputo, Movement Teaching                                                  Artist
12:20 PM -12:30 PM      Wrap it up


The deadline to sign up for this Wellness Workshop is September 22, 2023.

If you would like a flyer to share with others click HERE.

Wellness Workshops Affirming Ourselves & Each Other

September 29, 2023


Thanks for your interest!

Candace Wheeler, LPC, CDBT, NCC

Megan Caputo, Movement Teaching Artist

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