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Not just for breakfast, oatmeal has many skin-enhancing benefits:

·  Oatmeal contains proteins and lubricating fats that help maintain the skin’s natural barrier and protects against UV rays.

· Oatmeal also helps shield your skin from external irritants such as airborne pollutants and chemicals in dermatological products.


Moisturizers that contain oatmeal can be especially beneficial for people with oily or acne-prone skin. This is because oats contain natural fats that quickly seep into the skin to provide deep hydration but without adding to the greasiness.


Plus, they absorb the excess sebum from your skin, making it less oily and thereby preventing breakouts.


Ingredients: oatmeal soap base, chamomile flowers, rosemary, cardamom, oatmeal, and tobacco and bay leaf fragrance oil.


3.8 oz

Oatmeal Soap

SKU: H089
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