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Meandering Nature Meditations

Be inspired to get away from your screens, get outside and experience our beautiful, impermanent, living and dying world - a refuge that soothes our mind, strengthens our hearts, and helps us remember our interconnection with our God and His marvelous creation.

Join us at the National Arboretum for a free two-hour Meandering Nature Mediations, journaling, and reflection. Meandering is leisurely strolling through a landscape with full attentiveness. However, the key distinction from a typical walk is that with meandering we let the body guide the walking. We listen to what the body and its senses are drawn to. We let go of the typical goal-oriented focus and instead allow ourselves to be lured and drawn by curiosity to the natural world. 

Dates:               Saturday, May 6 & May 20
Time:                10-12 noon
Location:          National Arboretum
                          3501 New York Avenue, WDC  20002
Parking:            Take the R Street NE entrance

Fee:                   Free

May 6 theme:   Meandering with Joy & Delight
May 20 themeMeandering with Beauty

What to bring:  Pen and journal

NOTE:               Each Person Must Register Individually.

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Each person must register individually! 

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