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Sharla Mylar


Sharla has a Juris Doctor degree from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA; a Master of Arts in Applied Linguistics from Boston University, Boston, MA; and a Bachelor of Arts in English and Spanish from Westmont College in Santa Barbara, CA.

R1:99 carries the heart and enduring passion of Jesus to intentionally and lovingly seek the one, over and again, to encourage her toward wholeness, freedom, and fullness of life. Its deep roots in prayer, commitment to excellence, and utmost care for the clients served make R1:99 good soil in which to sow and a trustworthy partner for genuine impact.

I am moving R1:99’s mission forward by my intentional intercession; editing language for communications; and bringing a unique perspective from extensive travels, non-profit and government work, and a legal education.

Sharla Mylar
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