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Wellness Workshops

Being There for Others without Losing Ourselves

Friday, September 22, 2023

"Where empathy says, 'I feel you', compassion says, 'I hold you'
and produces positive emotions." Kristen Neff, Ph.D.

When we care for others who are suffering, we often suffer along
with them. When we witness someone else in pain, the pain centers
of our own brains become more active. This empathic distress can be
hard to bear, yet it’s natural to try to block it out or make it go away
as we would any other pain. This constant struggle can be draining
and lead to caregiver fatigue and burnout. 

We will discuss:
•    The 3 elements of self-compassion
•    Compassion with Equanimity
•    Pros and cons of emotional boundaries
•    Empathy vs. Compassion
•    Informal practices that can be used in the midst of caregiving
•    Giving and receiving compassion
•    Embodied listening

Visual Art: Affirming Ourselves & Each Other
Candace Wheeler, LPC, CDBT, NCC
This workshop is a window into loving ourselves and others more every day. There are many distressing times in life when we all need to hear encouraging words to keep us motivated or to help us endure the pain. There are other distressing times when we're alone and need to encourage ourselves to stay strong. At such times, affirmations or reminders of how we’ve been able to survive distressing situations in the past can give us strength and courage. 

Movement: Self-Compassion & Our Bodies
Megan Caputo, Movement Teaching Artist
In this activity, we will bring warm-hearted attention to each part of our body in a variety of ways, moving from one part to another, practicing how to be with each part of our body in a kind and compassionate way. We will be inclining our awareness toward the body with curiosity and tenderness, perhaps as we might incline toward a young child. 

Image by Shane Rounce
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