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Seeking Wellness summarizes our grouping of classes, workshops and events. Awareness is the art of moving a group of people through new information, action planning, or motivation to successfully achieve a specific goal - wellness. It involves engaging participants in creating, discovering, and applying learned insights. Seeking Wellness acts as a facilitator, as a “guide on the side” who asks questions, moderates discussions, introduces information and activities, and helps participants learn. We build awareness through our classes, trainings and events.
Classes are usually weekly learning sessions held for up to 12 weeks and led by one or more instructors affiliated with Restoration 1:99.
Workshops usually last for a half- or full-day and focus content on one particular theme and led by one or two instructors who are affiliated with Restoration 1:99 and are knowledgeable on the topic.
Events last anywhere from two hours to a full day and are usually conducted by nationally recognized professionals in their field of expertise. These events are open to the public and typically attract a large audience. They are also a source of revenue for our programs.
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