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Megan Caputo, CSTI

Teaching Artist

Megan Caputo received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from George Mason University (GMU), Fairfax, Virginia and has continued to dance professionally with Company Danzante in Arlington, Virginia. She has taught Mindful Christian Stretching at International Justice Mission and various dance classes to all ages.

She first learned about human trafficking at GMU and has continued to feel deep compassion for human trafficking survivors since then. She has taken initiative to learn about the issue in the DC Metro area and was recently trained in the HEART Model at Divine Mercy University.

​Megan’s goal for survivors of sexual abuse/exploitation is to learn, express, and be transformed. Inspired by Martha Graham’s quote “The body never lies” — through movement we learn from our posture, heart rate, breath, etc., we physically express our needs, fears, desires, and hopes, and therefore, transform our views of the body and its purposes.


Megan Caputo, CSTI
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