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Praying with the Body

In this class, led by our movement teaching artist, Megan Caputo, you will be invited to move in prayer by expressing the Psalms with motion. This way of praying helps deepen and broaden a relationship with God. It allows the pray-er to better come to understand God as “Holy One”—and in other timeless expressions of the psalmists.


You will have the opportunity to taste, explore, and discover a new and different way of knowing God. This class is for anyone who wants a more integrated and reconciled approach to prayer. It proposes a way of prayer that, depending on your level of readiness, could influence both your interior and daily life. Its meditations and reflections will connect you to your deepest needs to be with the Beloved, to be reassured of the divine presence in your midst.


The class addresses hunger and longing for true happiness, freedom from fear, and deep peace. It will also help you prepare for better sleep. For optimal sleep and better rest, it is recommended that you start your sleep routine 30 minutes before bedtime.


The four basic ways of praying - oral, mental, affective, and contemplative - are all contained here.

Upcoming Schedule TBD

Dates:        TBD

Time:         8:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Location:   Virtual (Zoom)

Cost:          $200

Facilitator: TBD

To inquire about upcoming schedule please contact

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