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We have an exciting new opportunity coming soon, with the addition of new R1:99 membership program.  

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OUR Membership

"Nearly 20 years ago, Candace Wheeler founded Restoration Ministries. The name changed in 2015 but the service focus has never quivered. We are here to serve people who have experienced complex trauma (meaning many different traumas or repeated similar trauma). Our goal has always been to provide the best possible services at the most reasonable price. However, people with multiple traumas such as sex trafficking, bullying, military trauma and more, oftentimes have difficulty mainitaining employment and hence, suffer from serious financial trauma as well.


Our new Membership Program allows you to come alongside one or more of our survivors and assist them as they process through their recovery. Your monthly membership "donation" will be more than a donation; it will be an opportunity for you to share in the progress made by one of our survivors. For each level of membership you will receive a:

1) complimentary product from our Eden store

2) separate listing in our Membership Donors Group

3) direct communique from one of our survivors, usually the person who produced your Eden product

4) reduced price for any of our public events (usually we have three of four of these events per year)

5) complimentary pack of 10 Christmas cards produced by one of our domestic violence survivors

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